About the application …

An effective tool for enterprises participating in the organization and operation of rail traffic. Unified record of working time of locomotives and wagons, containing data necessary for effective operational management, while maintaining the requirements of safety systems. Facilitates ongoing monitoring of the wagon’s route, taking into account the review periods described in the DSU documentation. The working time profile of locomotives and carriages contains the data necessary to manage the processes of periodic and audit inspections. The design of the application ensures its adaptation to updated industry-specific requirements.

Stand-alone repository or element of the TransLink Master system, shared by rolling stock managers. The application enables centralized management of data provided and verified by relevant process participants, facilitates optimal management of locomotive and wagon rolling stock, stores data necessary for monitoring and reporting the implementation of maintenance processes, excludes the use of elements that do not meet the relevant conditions. In conjunction with data from other records and systems, it allows for a phased or comprehensive implementation of solutions organizing and optimizing the use of resources, improving quality and safety in rail traffic. It can be an important link in ECM systems implemented in enterprises with locomotive and wagon rolling stock. Data collected in the application can be used for mutual settlements of entities participating in the transport process.


– Unified record of wagon operating time, containing data necessary for effective management
– Facilitates ongoing monitoring of the carriages, including review periods, described in the DSU documentation.


– Effective fleet management,
– Electronic circulation of documents related to maintenance and operation,
– Improving the efficiency of using the resources held,
– Improving the quality of services rendered.