About the application …

An effective tool for offices and dispatch cells in railway companies, including companies providing rail-related services in the outsourcing model. It covers the complete process of handling transport orders, qualified selection of railway teams and all elements necessary for the correct and orderly implementation of orders. The dispatcher module is used for submitting transport orders, dispatcher planning of train, conductor and shunting teams as well as for final settlement of orders with the contractor and staff. The system can also fulfill the functions of managing traction rolling stock and a wagon park. In the dispatching function, the system blocks the employment of an employee who does not meet the current conditions of periodic examinations, verification exams and other requirements for employees responsible for railway traffic safety. The system uses advanced process control functions, sharing tasks and responsibilities among its participants. It implements the concept of operational cooperation of separate entities, enables work in operator stations or in remote mode.

An extensive document handling module facilitates audits of industry control bodies and tracking of order history, employment and task performance. Supports scanned documents. It is part of the Translink Master package and works with other applications, it can also function as an integral solution. Possibility of implementation in companies showing similarity of business processes.

Problems to solve:

– The need for effective management of work resources and records of activities to be performed,
– The need for effective management of planned orders,
– Lack of tools to control the selection of resources needed to complete the order,
– The need to ensure a safe staffing in accordance with traffic regulations,
– Transport order execution enforced by safety regulations.


– Acquisition, recording, planning, launching, monitoring and settlement of orders for railway services,
– Dispatch planning for train teams,
– Planning conductor and maneuvering teams,
– Reporting the implementation of orders and settlements with principals,
– Selection of order elements based on verified qualification data,
– Rolling stock selection and route optimization mechanism,
– Convenient permission control panel.


– Support of the dispatching work of rail carriers and owners of railway sidings,
– Easy and precise settlement of rail services,
– It can be an element of Safety Management Systems in railway traffic of carriers
and siding owners, improving their quality,
– Significant shortening of operations due to linking data from HRM systems and rolling stock managers.