About the application …

Unified records of liquid fuel consumption of diesel locomotives, containing and processing data necessary for effective operational management. It facilitates ongoing monitoring of fuel consumption, conducting analyzes of the effectiveness of the use of individual types of locomotives for specific transport conditions from the point of view of fuel consumption. It can be a convenient and effective tool in assessing the quality of work of staff operating traction rolling stock. The profile of the record of liquid fuel consumption of locomotives contains data necessary to manage transport processes. It is an important element of planning and ongoing monitoring of operating costs. The design of the application ensures its adaptation to updated industry-specific requirements. Stand-alone repository or element of the TransLink Master system, shared by rolling stock managers. The application can download and process information delivered to the dispatch center from GPS devices installed on traction vehicles.

Problems to solve:

– Lack of control of liquid fuel consumption,
– The need to monitor costs incurred,
– Lack of efficient use of existing resources,
– Lack of monitoring of individual units responsible for entrusted property.


– Unified record of liquid fuel consumption,
– Facilitated monitoring of propellant consumption,
– Performance analysis,
– A convenient and effective tool in assessing the quality of staff work,
– Ongoing monitoring of operating costs,
– centralized data management,
– Optimal rolling stock management.


– Supporting the work of people managing resource efficiency,
– Automatic process control,
– Easy and precise management of owned resources,
– Effective use of available resources,
– Improving the quality of services rendered.