About the application …

A specialized portal solution implementing the idea of operational management of full-train and distributed (“general cargo”) shipments in rail transport. It handles orders for individual wagons, groups of wagons and entire trains as well as many entities involved in the process. Roles and access rights at many levels of the application allow for any modeling of the service chain and effective exchange of information. Possible access to the application via a web browser.

The application allows on-line tracking of shipments in individual stages of the transport process. He records orders, monitors the availability of rolling stock, is used to settle transport services and is a tool to support dispatching work. It is possible to use data feeding mechanisms from external specialized systems. In addition to current shipment tracking, it serves as a basis for preparing reports and settlements of services rendered. Includes the function of automatic notification of the shipment status via e-mail and hand devices. The use of the application significantly improves the turnover index of rolling stock involved in transport. Works independently or in conjunction with other TransLink Master applications. Possible application in other industries showing process similarity. Data security is guaranteed by multi-level security of individual component systems.


Problems to solve:

– Effective management of the consignment transport process,
– Lack of modern dispatching tools,
– Unable to track shipments by senders and recipients of shipments,
– The need to ensure the safe organization of transport in accordance with traffic regulations,
– Need to monitor shipments.


– Support of forwarding processes,
– A complete environment for handling dispatch processes,
– Record and control of forwarding orders,
– Transportation process control,
– Automation of transport processes implementation,
– Centralization of service for many entities,
– Detailed reporting of order processing times,
– Convenient permission control panel.


– Support of the dispatching work of railway carriers and owners of railway sidings,
– Support and control of forwarding processes,
– Easy and precise settlement of rail services,
– Significant reduction of operations due to data binding and representation in the desired form.