IT solutions dedicated to transport companies, in particular from the rail transport industry, supporting the operational management of transport processes. Simple and intuitive applications that enable precise control of processes characteristic of enterprises carrying goods and passengers.

As part of operational support, we offer the following applications:

  • TransLink Master DisLog – dispatching tool supporting shipment monitoring,
  • TransLink Master Orders – a system of orders and settlements of subcontractors,
  • TransLink Master SCP Personel – personnel work time recording system,
  • TransLink Master SCP Tabor – rolling stock time recording system,
  • TransLink Master DataTrans – transport work record system,
  • TransLink Master CalcuOil – liquid fuel consumption billing system,
  • TransLink Master Ekspedycja- records of expeditionary work on a siding.

Each of the applications has features that allow comprehensive adaptation of their functionality to the individual needs of each client. In addition to traditional devices, i.e. personal computers or laptops, applications can be used on mobile devices such as cell phones, smartphones and tablets.