Applications from the Documentation Management group are IT solutions dedicated to companies that due to the applicable EU and national and industry regulations are obliged to implement, comply with and constantly monitor and update safety management systems, quality as well as production and maintenance processes. Essential IT tools with an intuitive interface, ensuring high standards in the critical field of operation of each transport company. Their most important feature is the processability of procedures and document workflows in the organization such as forms, records, audit reports, controls, etc. The applications enable constant on-line contact with a dedicated advisor in the field of implementation, application and updating of management system documentation.

As part of this product range, we offer the following applications:

TransLink Master e-SMS – documentation of safety management systems in rail transport,

TransLink Master e-DSU – documentation of railway vehicle maintenance systems,

TransLink Master e-ECM – documentation of railway car safety management systems,

TransLink Master e-IRIS – documentation of management systems based on the IRIS standard in the railway industry,

TransLink Master e-DocTrans – waybill circulation management,

TransLink Master e-Regulations – documentation of technical regulations of stations, sidings, etc.

The listed applications do not exhaust the possibilities of IT support of document management processes. Each of the above applications has features that allow for comprehensive adjustment of their functionality to the individual needs of each client. In addition, in addition to traditional devices, i.e. personal computers or laptops, applications can be used on mobile devices such as cell phones, smartphones or tablets.