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European Commission Regulation 445/2011 is certainly not the only reason why rolling stock must be meticulously and process-managed. Meeting the relevant requirements removes the risk of trouble associated with the negative effects of appropriate controls, but does not solve a huge area of ​​problems and challenges related to asset management, repairs, operating costs, etc. From records, through effective operational management, to optimization.

Pursuant to EU Commission Regulation 445/2011, the basic duty of every company that owns and operates rolling stock is management, which enables supervision over three so-called maintenance functions specified in the directive, i.e. coordinating and managing the wagon documentation, ongoing rolling stock operation, as well as ensuring the safe condition of the freight wagon in the railway system.

Certainly, this compatibility should be taken care of in the first place, but it is also worth considering much further steps and implementation of solutions that significantly simplify everyday maintenance operations, as well as management at a strategic level. With the current complexity of this range, with the rapidly growing number of rolling stock components, this is more than expected from the point of view of managing the transport company.

The management solutions of TransLink Master in the area of ​​management are unified rolling stock records, containing data necessary for effective operational management, while maintaining the requirements of security systems. Facilitates ongoing inventory of resources and monitoring of technical condition, tests, approvals and technical certificates. The profiles of individual rolling stock components facilitate resource management in many dimensions by preparing data for orders involving them, day-to-day maintenance and operational reports. The resource profile (rolling stock) contains registration data, basic technical data, data and documents (scans) from tests and surveys as well as operational data. Records of mileage, repairs and outlays allow reporting, cost analysis and qualitative assessment of the owned rolling stock.

Specialized applications support not only technical resources (locomotives and wagons), but also human resources. Acquiring qualified staff
and maintaining its availability, meticulous management of the validity of authorizations, tests and admissions to participate in rail traffic is a considerable challenge for companies of any scale of activity and in this respect IT solutions are the right tools for effective management.

Safety in rail traffic is the most important priority of control offices, and as it results from research it is called the human element is usually the weakest element contributing to the occurrence of irregularities and reducing this security. The use of the TransLink Master application effectively supports personnel management.

The design of the databases within the TransLink Master application ensures that it is adapted to constantly updated, specific requirements. Covering the entire life cycle of resources, the use of complete and updated records of all data relevant to a component of a resource or process creates the possibility of better, overall management. In conjunction with data from other records and systems, it allows for a phased or comprehensive implementation of solutions organizing and optimizing the use of resources, improving the quality of services and safety in rail traffic.

Selected functionalities of the TransLink Master application are:

  • unified inventory and monitoring of resources,
  • effective operational management,
  • monitoring security system requirements,
  • records of mileage, repairs and outlays,
  • records of personnel and their current examinations, approvals,
  • cost analysis and quality assessment of rolling stock.

In the context of the scope discussed here, applications are used:

WagMan – wagon resource management

LocMan – management of locomotive resources

HRMan – human resources management

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