Modernization of the Derby railway station area

Changing the signaling of the Derby railway station is an investment worth 200 million pounds sterling, aimed at improving rail connections inside and around this important station. It is the largest investment and improvement program in Derby for decades, which will improve the comfort of traveling for thousands of passengers every year.

Although the station itself was modernized in 2013, the current track layout has not been improved for almost 50 years, and the signaling has not been comprehensively modernized since 1960. During this time, the number of passengers traveling through Derby more than doubled.

As part of the investment:
• a new platform will be built
• track and signaling will be modernized
• a new track layout will be introduced, thanks to which the so-called bottlenecks causing the need to wait for entry to platforms outside the station.

Hitachi was engaged by the British infrastructure operator, Network Rail, to develop a detailed modeling tool for micro simulation of planned railway infrastructure using the TREsim simulator. In total, 8 design variants were modeled during the project, which enabled rail carriers to be presented with the new topology in future traffic situations, including during disruptions.
The modeling of the main railway siding located near this busy station in conjunction with the train timetable has demonstrated
and prove that the new track layout will function properly while allowing railway companies to operate their rolling stock.

To meet Network Rail requirements, Hitachi used its expert knowledge of British railways and its unique simulation experience.

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