Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions for resource and service management enable each organization to make optimal use of its investment in the IT environment and to continually improve the organization’s performance. Thanks to the use of EAM solutions, it is possible to access all relevant processes in the organization and to manage all the company’s resources in a holistic way.
We invite you to consider resource management (e.g. personnel, rolling stock) in a convenient approach and scope. Thanks to TransLink Master applications dedicated to the railway industry, initiating this process is very simple and it is possible practically “immediately” in any organization. Our products in the field of EAM are IT tools with an intuitive interface, ensuring high standards in the critical field of operation of each transport company.

As part of this product range, we offer the following applications:
TransLinki Master HRMan – active and precise human resources management, in particular those related to the safety of e.g. railway traffic,
TransLinki Master LocMan – active and precise management of the park of railway traction vehicles, tractors, cars,
TransLinki Master WagMan – active and precise management of a park of wagons, semi-trailers, trailers, containers.

These applications do not exhaust the possibilities of IT support of document management processes. Each of the above applications has features that allow for comprehensive adjustment of their functionality to the individual needs of each client. In addition to traditional devices, i.e. personal computers or laptops, applications can be used on mobile devices such as cell phones, smartphones and tablets.