Our specialties

We are passionate about the area of railways, industry and a unique dedicated solution, we treat each project individually

Railway solutions

TransLink Master is a company specializing in creating applications dedicated to support business processes in railway and transport...

Industry software

Solutions for managing resources and services allows for an access to all relevant processes. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions for...

Dedicated applications

Traditional and very calm operations in a dynamically changing global business environment have become virtually impossible. Questions that...

What Do Our Clients Say?

Different challenges, organisations and business models - but effectiveness level of our implementations and support is always guaranteed.

The SSC FOR RAILWAY suite of applications has helped improve administrative activities as part of service processes, including the allocation of costs to individual rail orders. The rapid increase...

Ecco Rail | Monika Łupińska Chief Executing Officer
Ecco Rail Polska

Our most interesting solutions

They constitute the sense of our activity, show the spectrum of our capabilities and individual approach.

Software for the steel industry

We provide dedicated software and applications that complement your ERP system. We support CRM solutions, industrial approvals or...

Programs for servicing industrial boilers

We provide systems for keeping records of store and warehouse stocks, service support and warranty as well as CRM solutions.

A family of dedicated applications created by TransLinkMaster.

The applications created by our company allow for comprehensive service for companies related to the railway industry, from rolling...

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